What the…?

I have notebooks and notebooks filled with lists of places, people, and experiences I want to photograph. After turning 40, I decided it was time to start knocking items off my “I would like to shoot that” list. Cowpath & Rotary is the result.

Co & Ro is a work in progress and will rotate and evolve over time.

I am mostly interested in taking images of common things. As Getrude Stein wrote, “She always says she dislikes the abnormal, it is so obvious. She says the normal is so much more complicated and interesting.” I agree.

Massachusetts is my lifelong home, so it is no surprise that I draw inspiration for Cowpath & Rotary from the attitudes, geography, and peculiarities of New England. And, if you are going to explore New England, you have to be prepared for both cowpaths and rotaries.

If you are from these parts, the title needs no explanation. If you are from elsewhere – it is often said that the roads of Boston and Cambridge are so confounding because they were laid out on old cowpaths. And, though you may say “traffic circle” or “roundabout,” here they are “rotaries.” Common and complicated.

Wicked. — Emily 9/2015

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